Use StackExchange.Redis and run Redis in Docker to Cache Aggregated Database Data for a Scaled C# Application


  1. Setup…


  1. Example Use-Cases and Data Model
  2. Setup Redis and Implement the Top Categories
  3. Top Users, Latest User Posts, and the…

Run multiple DBMS and C# Containers Behind an HAProxy Load Balancer with Docker Compose. Test Scaling with Different Number of Instances

Load Balance a C# ASP.NET Core Service and Use MySql App-Layer Sharding. Shows the Concepts, Which Also Apply to MongoDB, etc.

How to Build a Resilient Architecture with RabbitMQ, C#, Entity Framework, and the Transactional Outbox Pattern


  1. Create the .NET Core Microservices and Exchange Messages
  2. Implement the Transactional Outbox Pattern
  3. (Optional)…

Use RabbitMQ, C#, REST-API and Entity Framework for asynchronous decoupled communication and eventually consistency with integration events and publish-subscribe

Decoupled Microservices — A Real-World Example With Code

How to add a MySQL DB and a MongoDB replica set in K8S on Docker desktop using persistent volumes and access the databases from ASP.NET Core, C# and Angular

How to use K8S on Docker Desktop with Ingress to Develop Locally for the Cloud Using an ASP.NET Core C# REST API and Angular.

Christian Zink

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